Hedging Millions of Dollars of IT Risk

"We know one audit could cost our customers millions of dollars and with analytics we can reduce this risk and continue to pass on ROI to our customers."

An integrated approach to global transaction processing, financial logistics and risk management, processing over 10 million trades per day

"Implementing Pentaho gives our clients this opportunity to more accurately satisfy their information needs in an interactive environment."

Wireless chat, games and ecommerce software provider

"We are extremely happy that Pentaho has given us the tools to gather valuable insights from our data for the first time."

Online New Car Sales

"Our sales team uses Pentaho on a daily basis to optimize the sales process and improve the customer experience. Thanks to its ease-of-use, team members without deep IT knowledge can create reports and access dashboards."


Integrated traffic, capacity and revenue planning software for airports

"Pentaho offered the best way for us to design custom dashboards and customize code to meet our requirements. Pentaho Data Integration allows us to manage and blend data generated by our two main operational and planning software suites to give our airport customers a 360-degree passenger view."

BizOne Logo

Reseller of DW and BI solutions

"Pentaho has proved easy to do business with and has helped us transform our product-offering and services offering. In today's trying times where work needs to be done fast and cost-efficiently, we have found great value and satisfaction working with Pentaho."


International automotive parts manufacturer and distributor

"Pentaho convinced us through its focus on high-end business analytics solutions. Because of its competence in open source and its experience with complex enterprise projects, Pentaho’s partner it-novum was perfect for us."

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Major airport housing 260 companies and 6,000 employees

"Choosing Pentaho meant we could replace not just our reporting, but also our proprietary ETL tool to achieve our goal of a single Information delivery platform. We found that since Pentaho gives us at least 80 to 85% of the functionality of proprietary vendors, the cost savings we achieved are hugely significant, at an estimated €350K."


One of the largest recycling companies in London (UK)

"PDI is probably one of the most powerful tools within modern computing I've seen in my career."


European research organization that operates the world’s largest particle physics laboratory

"After reviewing five different proprietary and open source platforms, Pentaho emerged as the best. I believe it is a future-proof solution that will help us to ensure data governance, ‘one version of the truth’ and a great user experience.”

Jan Janke, Deputy Group Leader GS-AIS, CERN