Analytics Software for the Insurance Industry

"Without Pentaho we would not have been able to penetrate the insurance market as aggressively as we have."

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Non-profit Memorial and Museum

"Our consultant from Pentaho Professional Services was extremely knowledgeable. He knew Pentaho inside out, and more importantly, he understood how best for us to use this technology to help improve aspects of our operations."

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Supplier of next-generation operational support systems for broadband providers

"We chose Pentaho Business Analytics because of its ease of use, intuitive and powerful report designer, and Pentaho’s ability to visually integrate, manipulate and enrich data during the analytics process."


Online business intelligence tool delivering knowledge, enablinginformed decision-making and increased productivity

“With Pentaho, we can display real-time data in powerful, easy-to-use dashboards and even optimize it for mobile, which helps our members make informed decisions that affect their business performance.”
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Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS)

"The intuitive user interface—inclusive of drag and drop and drill down data exploration features—was the main reason we decided to embed Pentaho into our AiM™ IQ product. Non-technical users are blown away by how easy the product is to use."


World-leading education technology company serving healthcare and other high-growth career industries

"The Pentaho Professional Services team was incredibly helpful and has helped us push the Pentaho platform’s abilities all while assuring we get the maximum value for our investment."
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Leading Supply Chain Logistics Company

"Using Pentaho for our business intelligence platform, along with the expert support and knowledge provided by OpenBI, BNSF Logistics was able to implement our initial data warehouse in just six weeks. Not only did we deliver a powerful BI tool with web-based reporting and analytics, but were able to do so at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives."

Global ecommerce solutions, from international logistics and fulfillment to marketing partnerships and strategies

"With Pentaho, we are making it possible to have business apps become more standalone, testable and reliable, ultimately empowering business users to make better decisions."
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Global Leader in Cardiology Products

"Pentaho provides the same or better functionality and more support versus the competition. They provide a lower total cost of ownership versus proprietary systems. We've been very happy with Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition so far."


Leading-edge maritime data analysis and remote monitoring technology

“Using Pentaho, we are now helping clients blend a 360-degree view of all equipment data sources to enable early prediction of potential machinery failure."