Making radio measurable by aligning the on-air ad spot with digital radio images, using emerging mobile technology and providing advanced data services.

"With Pentaho, we’re able to provide a next-day analytical view of listening and user behavior to help radio broadcasters offer new insights to their advertisers."
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Integration and big data blending to deliver value to thousands of restaurants across the nation

"With Paytronix Data Insights, the Pentaho tools and our proprietary algorithms, customers experience an 80% reduction in ETL processing time, resulting in a self-service and cost-effective experience."


The Global Leader in Omnichannel Personalization

“Pentaho is a future-proof solution that empowers us and our customers to go in and get right at the data we need.”

Big Data Analytics in Large Scale Carrier Wi-Fi Deployments

"Pentaho has delivered on helping us build a complete view into the Wi-Fi network for large carriers and enterprises."

Partnering with scholarly publishers to transform content for a more valuable user experience

“Microsoft and other products do not come close to Pentaho’s extensibility and value proposition. Given the costs of deploying other solutions that might not even have the same functionality, we never considered another option besides Pentaho."

Global leader in enterprise data warehouse solutions

“With Pentaho we gain highly extensible products and capabilities with a flexible, low-cost business model that helps us achieve our goals in our partnership.”