Customer Use Case

"We would have blinders on without Pentaho. The solution is providing information we need."

John Risley, CEO, WebAssign


Leading Provider of Powerful Online Instructional Tools for Faculty and Students

Business Challenges

  • Data was spread across various databases, spreadsheets, Google documents, and customized code in the WebAssign web application, complicating efforts to compile and analyze the data. As a result, WebAssign executives lacked insight into critical information, such as which textbooks were most popular and by how much.
  • WebAssign distributes educational materials to more than 600,000 students worldwide each semester, a volume of data which exceeded the capabilities of their legacy data analysis tool.
  • For each new report that executives wanted to run, WebAssign needed a developer to write custom code, which resulted in a backlog of IT requests and severely limited the types of reports that could be created.

Pentaho Solution

  • WebAssign took advantage of Pentaho’s professional support and training courses, helping them attain maximum value.
  • Data discovery and analysis capabilities help WebAssign’s 140 employees easily perform drag-and-drop analysis, uncovering new trends and information in the data.
  • Data access and integration capabilities automatically aggregate WebAssign’s data from across the enterprise and populate data models for the finance and sales departments.

Value Added

  • Improved Bottom Line - Pentaho Business Analytics has given WebAssign a better view into its complicated revenue model.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction - WebAssign is leveraging its data for valuable insights that improve both business operations and student learning.
  • Enhanced data visualization – Pentaho Business Analytics dashboard capability with Community Dashboard Framework (CDF) enable WebAssign to visualize data in different ways, such as creating histograms to easily see how much time students are spending on homework.
  • Reduced IT costs – Because employees across the organization are now able to analyze data and run reports on their own without the need for additional code, WebAssign’s IT resources are freed up.

Why Pentaho

  • Modern and scalable end-to-end software platform.
  • Ability to quickly analyze large volumes of data.
  • Flexible, customizable reporting with highly professional, attractive interface designs out-of-the-box.