Customer Use Case

"Our source system data is among the most complicated that our very experienced data integration consultants have ever worked with. Pentaho has helped us to achieve near-real time, 24/7 data processing on blended structured and XML big data, which is a major step forward."

Reni Waegelein, CIO, Veikkaus Oy

Veikkaus Oy

Raises Its Game Using Pentaho Data Integration

Business Challenges

  • With the explosive growth of online gaming in Finland (up 260% in 2013 to over €900 million), Veikkaus needed to accelerate the flow of data through its pipeline and get a 360° real-time view of the gamers to improve customer experience.
  • Veikkaus established a goal to gain a wider, more detailed, real-time view of its business by blending structured and unstructured big data sources in a single platform.
  • Veikkaus set a standard for 100 percent data accuracy, as it sought to use its data for financial reporting, compliance and marketing purposes.

Pentaho Solution

  • The game data Veikkaus’ system was loading from sales terminals and the Internet every day was taking up to two days to reach marketing. This meant marketing could not react to player behavior fast enough to do things like welcome its new loyalty customers or publish relevant, contextual marketing services to drive additional sales.
  • Com­plexity in Veikkaus’ data pipeline: high volume, velocity and the need to blend structured and unstructured data.
  • Currently merging with with Fintoto (horseracing) and RAY (slots and casino) to become Finland’s largest consumer company and on-line store which meant that it needed a future-proof data backbone to accommodate these new data sources.

Value Added

  • Instead of taking data two days to reach marketing, the feeds arrive in near real-time. Now marketing is able to send personalized offers to at least a million registered loyalty customers every week ahead of the lottery, boosting sales and the customer expe­rience.
  • Veikkaus was able to achieve 100% data accuracy. For the first time, the business can really trust their data.
  • Using Pentaho Data Mining, Veikkaus can con­stantly monitor for gamblers whose patterns indicate they may be at risk for developing a gambling addiction.

Why Pentaho

  • Modern, future-proof architecture based on open standards
  • Tight integration with Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution and other big data technologies
  • Professional services to support and enable development team