Customer Use Case

"Pentaho Business Analytics fits perfectly into our open source Big Data environment. The outstanding self-service analytics and reporting capabilities help TravelTainment build out expertise and offer better reporting services to our customers."

Ibrahim Husseini, Data Warehouse Director, TravelTainment


Provider of Multi-Channel Distribution Platforms for the Travel Industry

Business Challenges

  • TravelTainment’s many different business clients required unique reporting and analysis, draining valuable IT resources that acted as a support desk.
  • Its legacy systems had limited insight and reporting capabilities; the data was not consolidated into a single warehouse and there were no reporting tools available.
  • TravelTainment needs to ensure that its website is user-friendly and fast, while still processing a vast amount of data.

Pentaho Solution

  • TravelTainment runs Pentaho Business Analytics in an open source-friendly, big-data environment.
  • TravelTainment selected Pentaho to make sense out of the large amount of data it has.

Value Added

  • Three times faster reporting – TravelTainment has improved turnaround time by 2-3 times, even for the most complex reports, allowing quicker response to analytics demands.
  • Developers now focus on improving the platform - Thanks to the self-service aspect of Pentaho Business Analytics, TravelTainment’s developer team can now fully concentrate on improving the platform that lives at the heart of the business.
  • Ability to grow with one analytics vendor - TravelTainment has been using Pentaho for more than a year and is happy with the results. It now plans to evaluate Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) for working with Hadoop.
  • Making sense of big data – Pentaho Business Analytics enables TravelTainment to enrich and visualize large data volumes for reporting and analysis which is also consumable by non-technical users.
  • Major improvement in customer satisfaction - Thanks to flexible and faster reporting capabilities, TravelTainment now runs most of its reports on a daily or hourly basis, even for its largest data sets. Customers are delighted with this service.

Why Pentaho

  • Superior end-to-end analytics platform
  • Ability to manage big data sets
  • Fast self-service reporting