Customer Use Case

"With Pentaho, we can offer our customers comprehensive business analytics reporting and analysis. With its comprehensive user administration and role-management, Pentaho closely follows the design of our ERP core product and was very simple for us to integrate."

Marius Giepz, Senior Software Developer/System Analys, TopSystem


Software Solutions for the Logistics and Aviation Industry

Business Challenges

  • TopSystem customers were increasingly asking for business analytics functionality, especially to track process chains for quality management in real-time.
  • The company sought a business analytics solution that could be set up simply and quickly and could also adjust to meet individual needs.
  • Its current BI system, Hyperion Interactive Reporting, was acquired by Oracle and executives worried about the future of the application as a result.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho running on high-performance servers, Windows Server OS, 32bit or 64bit version. The data is stored in Oracle databases.
  • Embedded Pentaho Business Analytics in the TopSystem ERP system. Pentaho Data Integration provides data retrieval, transformation and loading of data. Pentaho Business Analytics helps with real-time data analysis and report generation.

Value Added

  • Pentaho enables TopSystem to provide its clients with a powerful and flexible business analytics solution.
  • The comprehensive user administration and role-management features precisely follow the line of the ERP core product and permits individualized displays and functions depending on which user has logged in.
  • Customers now can monitor their processes accurately. For example, airports can evaluate ground handling data according to the port of origin and port of destination data and thereby assess the potential for new non-stop flight connections.

Why Pentaho

  • Performance, functionality, and adaptability
  • Flexibile administration
  • Minimal effort needed to set up a test system