Customer Use Case

"Ultimately Pentaho has enabled us to make the Swiss real estate market more transparent."

Prof. Dr. Peter Ilg, Managing Director, Swiss Real Estate Datapool

Swiss Real Estate Datapool

Promoting transparency and anticipating price trends in the Swiss residential property market

Business Challenges

  • SRED needed a data integration tool that enabled the three Swiss Banks involved to exchange their property transaction data.
  • SRED needed to meet numerous regulatory and antitrust regulatory requirements, including making the data anonymous, publicly available and complying with very high data security standards.
  • Ease of use and security were two major requirements to enable business users at the the banks to exchange their data and to access the pooled data

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Data Integration - for importing, exporting and blending data as well as guaranteeing data quality (standardizing, validating, de-duplicating and cleansing inconsistent or redundant data)
  • Mondrian OLAP engine – for analyzing information relating to KPIs, regions and real estate characteristics via a simple drag & drop interface
  • Pentaho Reporting - provides users with standard reports on the most important Swiss real estate market data
  • GeoKettle - for building and updating geospatial data in the system

Value Added

  • Comprehensive Datapool based on real transaction data: Since 2002, the Datapool has grown to include a wide range of attributes on 180,000 properties and adds about 3500 every quarter, and is scaling up to build a national real estate index. 
  • More transparency and insights: Benchmark reports enable the banks to compare their data against that of the industry. Standard reports show key trends at-a-glance. Crucially, Pentaho’s user friendly reporting interface enables the banks to create new reports and analyze data whenever needed.
  • Perfect data: Pentaho Data Integration enables the banks to easily submit the data, validate, cleanse and make it anonymous within a short time frame.
  • Partner Know-How: The association is extremely satisfied with the advice and technical implementation provided by basis06.

Why Pentaho

  • Data Integration tool that enables data to be exchanged easily via web forms and meets requirements for data profiling and quality
  • High standards for data security and authentication
  • Ease of use for self-service reporting and analysis
  • Flexibility and modularity of the platform