Customer Use Case

"Pentaho’s HL7 support gives us a fast and easy way to retrieve, exchange, and share information across all our data sources. "

Gert-Jan Terpstra, Technical Application Manager, St. Antonius Ziekenhuis

St. Antonius Ziekenhuis

Clinical Training Hospitals Throughout The Netherlands

Business Challenges

  • St. Antonius Ziekenhuis wanted to improve patient care and reduce its facilities’ operating costs.
  • The healthcare organization needed better analysis to measure emergency room wait times and operating theater occupation, among other data points.
  • Separate stores of patient and research data for each hospital department did not allow for high-level trending or organization wide visibility.
  • The organization needed to comply with the international HL7 standards for data exchange to satisfy government reporting and improve data sharing.

Pentaho Solution

  • HL7 – Pentaho Data Integration provided the framework to implement and comply with HL7 standards. Although Pentaho custom developed the HL7 solution for St. Antonius, the hospital has generously donated the solution to the open source community to help other healthcare organizations overcome data integration and compliance requirements.
  • Tholis Consulting – To help implement the hospital-wide BI project and train IT staff on BI best practices, the CIO engaged with Pentaho Partner, Tholis Consulting. Jos van Dongen, founder of Tholis Consulting, trained the St. Antonius team so that they can manage BI projects independently.
  • Mobile BI – With doctors and administrators constantly on the go, St. Antonius plans to extend Pentaho capabilities to mobile devices.
  • Data Mining – Ongoing research is an important activity at St. Antonius. Since Pentaho provides access to the hospital’s existing R System statistical tool, users can select data and do analysis on issues such as lung patient survival rates.
  • Dashboards – St. Antonius’ Board of Directors is eagerly awaiting the completion of a dashboard that will highlight a balanced scorecard for strategic planning and management.
  • Read in-depth details about how St. Antonius Hospital uses Pentaho Business Analytics in the case study located on this page under Related Media.

Value Added

  • Better research intelligence and preventative care – By using the data mining and predictive analysis features in Pentaho, St. Antonius hopes to improve their insights into such measures as survival time of a patient based on treatment; treatment based on blood type, age or weight; or illnesses and lifetime expectancies.
  • Lower costs and fewer resources – By leveraging Pentaho, the three-person IT department can support the delivery of BI capabilities to users throughout the hospital.
  • Easier and faster compliance St. Antonius is using Pentaho to define and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) to government entities.
  • Twenty percent reduction in emergency room turnaround times – St. Antonius has leveraged Pentaho Reporting to help reduce emergency room turnaround times for patients at two locations, by optimizing patient flow and scheduling processing.
  • Data analysis for doctors – Self-service BI to track key patient metrics and reports are delivered throughout the hospital with Pentaho.
  • Optimized operations – Pentaho analysis provides greater visibility into such issues as the number of beds and operating theaters used, as well as the number of patients treated. This data indicates areas where resources can be used more efficiently, for example.

Why Pentaho

  • Ease of use and key support for development
  • Ability to integrate data across vast sources whilst preseving data security and government regulations
  • Real-time reporting, dashboards and analysis to track KPIs