Customer Use Case

"Microsoft and other products do not come close to Pentaho’s extensibility and value. "

Jeff Allen, Analytics Data Architect, Silverchair Information Systems

Silverchair Information Systems

Partnering with scholarly publishers to transform content for a more valuable user experience

Business Challenges

  • Need an efficient and fast ETL tool to reduce data processing time
  • Want an easy-to-use and real-time analytics solution to empower customers
  • Want to improve internal capabilities to host and develop targeted content

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Data Integration to extract, transform and load data to Microsoft SQLServer databases
  • Pentaho Interactive Reporting and Analytics to deliver pre defined reports and AdHoc capabilities allowing for report creation by end-users

Value Added

  • Dramatic reduction in ETL process time, from as long as three weeks to as little as one hour
  • Improved ease of use and user experience for creating insightful, interactive reports
  • Positioned to access new data sources, blend data and challenge their industry

Why Pentaho

  • Modern, clean and easy to use both for data integration and analytics
  • Improved end user and customer experienced
  • Agile and fast data integration capabilities that can scale upward with new analytical aspirations
  • Fast time to value, deploying the original Kettle ETL engine in less than a month


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