Customer Use Case

"Pentaho in the hands of business users enables them to build exactly what they want."

Nanette Pitman, IT Senior Analyst, Sheetz


One of the largest retailers and convenience store chain in the U.S.

Business Challenges

  • Sheetz wanted a solution to reduce the use of Access and Excel as reporting tools and minimize strategic reporting against production systems.
  • Business users needed to bypass the IT roadblock that frequently arose because reports would fall last on the priority list and users often did not have a clear definition of what they needed.
  • The company required a simple, reporting technology that would provide self-service reporting and analytics to users across all departments.

Pentaho Solution

  • To help ramp up deployment, Sheetz engaged Pentaho Consulting for a long-term engagement. As a testament to Pentaho's top-tier consulting services, Rodrigo Haces of Pentaho was named as a Sheetz 2011 IT Vendor of the Year.
  • The reporting capability of Pentaho Business Analytics is now the reporting tool of record at Sheetz. Pentaho is connected to many Sheetz production systems for reporting and the team set up automatic report distribution methods to minimize the use of email to distribute reports.
  • Rolled out the analysis capability of Pentaho Business Analytics to slice and dice multi-dimensional sales data with the goal to empower business users to do the analysis before creating reports.
  • In an effort to move to an enterprise data and reporting strategy, Sheetz selected both Teradata and Pentaho to provide the infrastructure, tools and support to achieve a common infrastructure.

Value Added

  • Confidence in the ability to grow and expand with Pentaho - Sheetz's original objective was to only deploy a small implementation of ad hoc and canned reports. With rapid success of the project and positive feedback from the business users, the company expanded the scope of the project to include Pentaho Analysis.
  • A high scalability - The Pentaho Business Analytics currently analyzes the 2.1 terabytes of data from Sheetz’ Teradata data warehouse and positions Sheetz to continue to grow its data stores.
  • Ability to make better decisions faster to grow the company's bottom line - All business users from the Finance Director to the maintenance department have a consolidated view of data.
  • Quick time to value - Sheetz deployed the initial project in three months with upgrades annually to enable greater functionality.
  • Eliminated reliance on IT - In total, marketing has eliminated approximately seven hours per week that IT was spending creating reports.

Why Pentaho

  • Strong reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Professional support
  • Low cost of ownership