Customer Use Case

Business Challenges

  • Lacked the 360-degree view they needed to operationalize their business objectives and drive strategic decisions
  • Improve productivity of partners, distributors and store managers with an emphasis on “gamification”

Pentaho Solution

  • Bring information (such as POS, online, payroll, human resources, store inventory) across disparate source systems into their GameOn Datamart
  • Optimize their data warehouse by storing and blending data across Hadoop, NoSQL and traditional RDBMS system
  • Provide automated dashboards and reports to track all aspects of their business from discrepancies within their inventory, call center returns, adoption of loyalty programs to success of learning management offerings 

Value Added

  • Pentaho has become the standard data management and business analytics platform across the organization of over 100,000 employees
  • Pentaho tracks, reports and evaluates Sears’ learning management programs and ensures employees remain compliant
  • With Pentaho, Sears GameOn is able to launch reports automatically instead of spending weeks or months to manually build

Why Pentaho

  • Pentaho’s end-to-end data integration and business analytics platform has increased collaboration between GameOn’s IT and business groups
  • Fully tailored Pentaho visual interface provides access to governed, blended data and powerful yet simplified analytics
  • Pentaho’s open source roots made integration seamless while future proofing their data architecture