Customer Use Case

"Pentaho can handle non-relational data at massive scale and provide easy-to-use analytics."

Amit Rele, Product Line Manager, Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless

Big Data Analytics in Large Scale Carrier Wi-Fi Deployments

Business Challenges

  • Provide large mobile carriers and broadband service providers with detailed visibility into network traffic, capacity, operations, and performance
  • Deliver flexible and customizable reports and analysis to these customers in a dynamic web-based application
  • Make the solution highly scalable to accommodate multi-year historical analysis on hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi access points and millions of user sessions per customer
  • Extract semi-structured machine data from Wi-Fi equipment, ingest the data into Hadoop, and load it into HP Vertica

Pentaho Solution

  • OEM partnership to leverage Pentaho as part of Ruckus SmartCell Insight, a branded software application supporting massively scalable Wi-Fi analytics for mobile network operators and large enterprise Wi-Fi networks
  • Pentaho Data Integration to ingest JSON and XML files into a Hadoop data lake, model the data, and pull it into HP Vertica – with Pentaho Business Analytics on the front-end
  • Leverages Pentaho drag-and-drop reporting, ad hoc analysis, and visualization in SmartCell Insight, allowing network operators to identify opportunities to better retain customers and optimize capital expenditures.

Value Added

  • Went to market with a solution that generates net new revenue
  • Customers find the visual reporting and analysis very easy to use, allowing them to quickly uncover trends in the health and performance of their networks
  • One carrier was amazed at seeing the level of activity on their network for the first time, identifying an immediate need to revise their capex strategy in order to better support Wi-Fi usage volume
  • Integrating Pentaho into a Big Data architecture helped deliver machine data analytics at the massive scale demanded by large network operators.

Why Pentaho

  • Complete platform including both a full suite of business analytics solutions and robust data integration capabilities, enabling Ruckus and its end customers to derive value from Big Data
  • Ability to work with semi-structured machine data and support the scalable data stores including Hadoop and HP Vertica
  • Highly intuitive drag-and-drop visual analytics for end users
  • Strong OEM partnership, including dedicated services to ensure project success.