Customer Use Case

"Integrating Pentaho into Predict! has given us a competitive edge. "

Val Jonas, CEO, Risk Decisions

Risk Decisions

Leader In Risk Management Software

Business Challenges

  • Risk Decisions did not want to invest significant resources building reporting and analytics capabilities into its software when those features were already available in the market.
  • Risk Decisions needed an analytics solution that is highly intuitive for all users including project managers, financial controllers, risk managers and senior managers.
  • The company wanted to expand rich visualizations in its software, Predict! 4.4, including the ability to drill down into areas on a geographical map.
  • Risk Decision needed a highly adaptable platform, with ad-hoc reporting capabilities and simplified data integration.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho OEM partnership.
  • Pentaho Business Analytics chosen specifically for its analyzer tool, which includes geo-mapping capability, dashboard designer and interactive reporting tools.

Value Added

  • First to market with geo-mapping – Using Pentaho, Risk Decisions is ahead of competitors in offering geo-mapping capabilities as part of the Global Risk Reporting Capability in Predict! 4.4. The web-based interactive report building tool allows the user to identify risk hot spots on a geographical map.
  • Revenue growth – The new self-service reporting and enhanced visual information makes Predict! a more attractive proposition in the market. This has resulted in new customers and revenue growth.

Why Pentaho

  • Beat out 10 competitors for the superiority of ad-hoc reporting interface
  • Easy customiszation and ability to embed
  • Excellent overall value for money compared to closed, proprietary alternatives


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