Customer Use Case

" Now everyone can access information, use standard reports and customize their own outputs. "

Agustín Domingo, Executive Director, Revenue Collection Agency of the Rio Negro province (Argentina)

Revenue Collection Agency of the Rio Negro province (Argentina)

Revenue Collection Agency

Business Challenges

  • Create modernized enterprise data warehouse that can keep pace with rising analytics demands
  • Give end-users to access to real-time reports on specific metrics and KPIs, as well as allow end-users to make ad-hoc analyses

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Data Integration for the loading, updating and orchestration of Data Warehouse, completely replacing Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Pentaho Business Analytics to allow users to easily visualize their data and analyze key trends last time behavior of various OLAP cubes
  • Pentaho partner Datalytics to help with training and assure successful implementation

Value Added

  • Created a self-services analytics culture for government collection employees allowing them to make data discoveries
  • Reduced IT barriers for business users, while allowing IT staff to focus on innovation and infrastructure instead of maintaining legacy systems
  • Increased revenue collections and recoup 81 million Argentine pesos in outstanding debt that would have otherwise not been utilized for public services

Why Pentaho

  • High ease-of-use enabling business user access to analytics
  • Scalable environment that has future proofed their data access and data warehouse
  • High return on investment in initial pilot deployment, which is expected to grow