Customer Use Case

"With Paytronix Data Insights, the Pentaho tools and our proprietary algorithms, customers experience an 80% reduction in ETL processing time, resulting in a self-service and cost-effective experience."

Andrew Robbins, President, Paytronix


Integration and big data blending to deliver value to thousands of restaurants across the nation

Business Challenges

  • Paytronix wanted to integrate data from more than 8,000 restaurants including customer preferences, loyalty programs, gift programs, and social media - encompassing several terabytes of data.
  • It also wanted to improve data storage and ETL to provide better insights for customers and end users.
  • Finally, it needed user-friendly dashboards and reporting tools for better insight into program effectiveness.

Pentaho Solution

  • Data migration to Cloudera Hadoop Distribution to improve storage and ETL capabilities
  • Complete Pentaho Business Analytics OEM subscription that includes multi-tenant capabilities, PDI tools and professional support to gain better insight into customer loyalty programs

Value Added

  • Data-Informed Decisions - Improved reporting and analysis features for Paytronix’s end users, providing better insight into customer programs
  • Quicker Time to Market - 80% reduction in ETL process time, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Two-month time to market with Pentaho specialized OEM support, training and services.
  • Full CRM-type Guest View - Paytronix customers can now explore new types of data that were previously cost-prohibitive.

Why Pentaho

  • Knowledgeable services
  • Active community
  • Strong data integration tools
  • Multi-tenant capabilities