Customer Use Case

"If you analyze data using an older set of cumbersome and time consuming tools, each question starts with ETL. Then you have to pull the data all the way through to get a look at the results. With Paytronix Data Insights, the Pentaho tools and our proprietary algorithms, customers experience an 80% reduction in ETL processing time, resulting in a self-service and cost-effective experience."

Andrew Robbins, President, Paytronix


Integration and big data blending to deliver value to thousands of restaurants across the nation

Business Challenges

  • Paytronix wanted to integrate data from more than 8,000 restaurants including customer preferences, loyalty programs, gift programs, and social media - encompassing several terabytes of data.
  • It also wanted to improve data storage and ETL to provide better insights for customers and end users.
  • Finally, it needed user-friendly dashboards and reporting tools for better insight into program effectiveness.

Pentaho Solution

  • Data migration to Cloudera Hadoop Distribution to improve storage and ETL capabilities
  • Complete Pentaho Business Analytics OEM subscription that includes multi-tenant capabilities, PDI tools and professional support to gain better insight into customer loyalty programs

Value Added

  • Data-Informed Decisions - Improved reporting and analysis features for Paytronix’s end users, providing better insight into customer programs
  • Quicker Time to Market - 80% reduction in ETL process time, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Two-month time to market with Pentaho specialized OEM support, training and services.
  • Full CRM-type Guest View - Paytronix customers can now explore new types of data that were previously cost-prohibitive.

Why Pentaho

  • Knowledgeable services
  • Active community
  • Strong data integration tools
  • Multi-tenant capabilities