Customer Use Case

"Our team is able to accelerate business intelligence because of Pentaho."

Brian Walker, CTO, Online Buddies

Online Buddies

Social Networking Site

Business Challenges

  • Online Buddies gathers large volumes of data concerning user activity patterns but found it challenging to make full sense of the data through analysis and real-time reports.
  • Online Buddies wanted the ability to quickly analyze and report on key trends in end user behavior.
  • The company had a lack of a common data integration/ETL framework for integrating multiple systems and capturing metadata.
  • It also needed a to overcome such data management obstacles as the use of redundant steps to achieve analytics and reporting objectives.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Analytics
  • Pentaho Architects Bootcamp
  • Pentaho Reporting
  • Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition Platinum Edition
  • Pentaho Data Integration

Value Added

  • Experienced quick time to value with Pentaho Services. While in the first month of contract it entered 15 support tickets, and received quick and helpful support. In comparison they believe it would have taken over three months to receive similar results with Pentaho Community Edition.
  • Uncovered key trends in user purchase behavior (conversion rate) by tracking several “what if” scenarios related to message timing, content and frequency, among other variables.
  • Integrated data from multiple systems to provide a single view of the business, allowing for the sharing of consistent data and dashboards with internal users to enable better decisions.

Why Pentaho

  • Scalability
  • Cost of ownership
  • Agile BI features of Pentaho Data Integration
  • Excellent support