To explain to business users who are not versed in BI or OLAP you need visualizations.

Francisco Achaval Manager of Business Intelligence, OLX

Use Case Overview

Business Challenges

  • OLX lacked the ability to track global KPIs and run reports on customer behaviors and sales.
  • The company also needed to perform real-time and ad-hoc analytics on data collected in more than 105 countries and 40 different languages.
  • They also wanted to improve the internal data warehouse, through faster extract, transform, and load processes.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Data Integration to extract, transform and load data from various web sources.
  • Pentaho Business Analytics to report and analyze data from the data warehouse.
  • Datalytics consulting service to quickly implement application and to advise on future applications.

Value Added

  • Low-cost, comprehensive business intelligence solution that integrates data from multiple sources.
  • Time-to-market in less than 8 weeks.
  • Improved reporting, analysis and visualizations to help end-users make real-time business decisions.

Why Pentaho

  • Pentaho’s ease of use for end-users
  • Competitive price, yielding a scalable solution
  • Pentaho partner Datalytics’ ability to develop and quickly bring value to market