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We have not experienced any problems when deploying Enterprise Edition throughout our company's environment, despite the complexity of standard procedures and specific requirements in our company.

Jean-Jacques Perroux CTO, Nexway

Use Case Overview

Business Challenges

  • Nexway needed to replace in-house analytics tools which had become too expensive and time consuming.
  • Nexway also needed a centralized data-warehouse that can quickly, reliably and easily allow access to data across multiple business departments (finance, sales and marketing).

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Business Analytics allows end-users to run reports and analyze data.
  • Pentaho Data Integration to establish a centralized data warehouse to quickly extract, transform and load data.
  • Open source API plug-in support and consulting from Pentaho partner Smile to ensure successful company-wide deployment.

Value Added

  • Powerful reporting capabilities for detailed view on business procedures and operations.
  • Greater independence from technological barriers for end-users who can easily create reports and analyze data.
  • Powerful integration capabilities that can pull data from any data sources to help create a blended view of business operations, marketing strategy and sales success.

Why Pentaho

  • Ease of use for creating reports and dashboards
  • Scalable platform, both in terms of data size and number of end-users, which may allow Nexway to deploy across additional business segments and data
  • Open source development for additional plug-ins and features
  • Pentaho partner services and consulting to ensure quality of deployment