Customer Use Case

"The Municipal Transparency Portal was not a typical BI solution as it required the most complex requirements. Pentaho enabled us to make the Portal easy for any citizen to use while optimized for a large number of concurrent users."

Ricardo Pires, Partner & Business Intelligence Lead, Xpand IT, Municipal Transparency Portal

Municipal Transparency Portal

Business Challenges

  • Even though Government agencies have collected data on local administration for some time, that data has not always been made available to the public in a consumable format
  • The Municipal Transparency Portal was designed to promote and improve transparency, democracy and municipal management

Pentaho Solution

  • Gathering data from different public databases and publishing it in a simplified way
  • Determining the right measurable KPIs based on disparate data sets
  • Providing citizens with the appropriate level of access

Value Added

  • Deliver the citizens of Portugal a full picture of the management of their local government in a simple and easy to understand way such as:
    • Financial management: financial indicators relating to indebtedness, municipal revenue and expenditure
    • Municipal services: indicators regarding the main public services with relevant intervention of municipalities (water and waste treatment, education and housing)
    • Municipal electoral turnout: citizen taking part in local elections and voting results
  • Provide more than 100 performance indicators for each of the 308 Portuguese municipalities and compare similar socio-economic municipalities against each other
  • Improved Public participation

Why Pentaho

  • Modern and embeddable software platform to access visualize and analyze data
  • Simple & Intuitive User Interface on any device
  • Ever since the beginning of the project, Xpand IT, the Pentaho partner in Portugal who implemented the project, demonstrated a profound technical knowledge of the solution