Customer Use Case

"The combination of Pentaho’s technology, with Mo’mix Solutions’ expertise, allows us to deliver open government and transparency solution with a rapid return on investment."

Janice D'Aloia, VP of Business Development, Mo'mix Solutions

Mo'mix Solutions

Cloud BI Solution for Government, Education and Finance

Business Challenges

  • Mo'mix Solutions needed to embed a reporting and analytics tool with a SaaS delivery model.
  • With core competency in the public sector and higher education, Mo’mix did not want to spend resources building analytics. Instead, they wanted to apply their domain knowledge to a powerful, pre-built analytics platform.
  • The company wanted to give users ready access to enterprise information and the ability to drill down and analyze their data.
  • Given the variety of databases, application types and data source formats in use within public sector and higher education clients, Mo’mix required a solution that provided connectivity and integration with any data source.

Pentaho Solution

  • Embedded Pentaho Business Analytics in the Mo’mix Performance Center, a business intelligence and reporting solution for financial reporting, projects/grants, HR, benefits, payroll, and CAFR management, as well as external transparency for public sector and higher education.
  • Pentaho Data Integration is the primary ETL tool for source data extraction, transformation and data loading to build the Performance Center data warehouse. PDI is also used as an intermediate data source for Pentaho Report Designer, where requirements include very complex compilation of data from multiple sources.
  • SaaS delivery model, hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  • Pentaho OEM Partnership and Powered by Pentaho program.

Value Added

  • Versatile for both the casual user and power user across company departments.
  • Highly scalable solution with an average of 1,800-2000 logins per month from 170 users at one client.
  • Created more than 650 dashboards and reports with out-of-the-box metrics for government and higher education.
  • Mo’mix Solutions’ customers are experiencing rapid implementation: fully in production and live within two months. Examples of ROI: Social services staff is saving three or more working days per month gathering reports; finance managers have reduced the time it takes to reconcile payroll and HR data by 88%.
  • Pentaho’s unlimited user license model provides flexibility for Mo’mix clients to allow access to hundreds or thousands of users across an organization and to outside constituents.

Why Pentaho

  • SaaS-ready
  • Minimal training required for end-users
  • Confidence in scalability and provisioning to large concurrent user-base
  • Ability to connect to any data source

Mo'mix Solutions Screenshot