Customer Use Case

"Pentaho lets us gain consistent insights into our data, without having to rely on IT."

Dr. René Schult, Business Analyst, Mercateo


Mercateo is Europe's leading B2B procurement platform specializing in non-strategic, commodity items

Business Challenges

  • Decentralized data silos and reporting systems
  • End-users couldn’t create their own reports or perform analyses without IT support
  • Needed a flexible, solution that could scales with the fast growth of the company

Pentaho Solution

  • Centralized implementation of Pentaho Business Analytics running alongside XML Server, Oracle database and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Pentaho processes all data generated by Mercateo's online procurement platform on a daily basis
  • Standard reports, self-service analytics and dashboards available to different business users depending on their requirements

Value Added

  • Easy to use, self-service analytics and reporting enables 20+ power users across all departments to work with it every day
  • Marketing uses Pentaho to measure campaigns and sales channels effectiveness
  • Sales uses Pentaho to analyze and optimize Mercateo's progressive pricing strategy
  • Supplier management uses Pentaho to create monthly reports for its more than 600 suppliers, analyzing customers’ buying behaviors to help them define customer loyalty programs
  • Management gains a single version of truth, providing a common platform for making better, more consistent business decisions

Why Pentaho

  • Self-service analytics and reporting
  • Flexible solution that scales easily and grows with the company
  • Higher return on investment than proprietary systems