Customer Use Case

"Pentaho and its open architecture are a no brainer for enabling rapid cloud scaling."

Doug Cohen, Director of Business Analytics, The Lucky Group

The Lucky Group

Social commerce company

Business Challenges

  • Cost-conscious start-up on a mission to change the way women shop by creating content that fuses inspiration, discovery and purchase.
  • Provide meaningful insights to users regarding customers, products, sales, inventory, and site traffic.
  • Take growing terabytes of data and millions of daily emails to a completely cloud based infrastructure without production down-time.

Pentaho Solution

  • Data flows from The Lucky Group's website into Magento where Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) is used to transfer data into an intermediate MySQL DB. PDI then moves data from the intermediate MySQL DB into S3 servers in the form of flat files. PDI is then used to move the S3 data into the Redshift DW.
  • The Lucky Group now has a single solution for data integration and business analytics, running across several terabytes of data. Pentaho Business Analytics helps The Lucky Group with social monitoring, customer retention, financial reporting, product and website optimization and more.
  • Pentaho Business Analytics delivers data integration, reporting, dashboards, analysis, data visualization and predictive analytic capabilities.

Value Added

  • The Lucky Group has easy access to analysis around cross-selling opportunities and the ability to surface data on how much cross-over there is between different e-commerce properties such as JewelMint StyleMint, BeautyMint and ShoeMint.
  • Operational excellence and lowered risk with improved query run time for ETL jobs and ad hoc SQL, quickly identifying through business alerts a coupon code that had leaked out and was being used by customers.
  • Improved customer experience with deeper understanding of customer preferences by looking beyond averages of numbers to segmentation of customers by age, income bracket and behavior.
  • Eliminated costly and manual report generation. Now, nearly every department has one or two people using BI, creating quantitative experts in every group who can access a historical record of all data via S3 over a 15 month period.
  • Maximized revenue improving sales forecasting, as well as customer retention and continuity programs to minimize customer churn.

Why Pentaho

  • Powerful, yet easy to use framework that allows business users to leverage self-service reporting on analytic databases in an ad-hoc manor
  • Seamless migration to new AWS cloud environment thanks to Pentaho’s flexible framework
  • Ability to scale easily and also integrate with a big data environment