Customer Use Case

"Regardless of analysis, users know they can get anything they want, quickly and easily."

Darrin Blocker, Decision Support Analyst, Loma Linda University Health Care

Loma Linda University Health Care

Educational health-sciences institution

Business Challenges

  • As a health care center with over 500,000 patients and 600 doctors, Loma Linda sought to update Excel users with OLAP analysis to support data integration and analysis across multiple sources for better insight into patient and business information.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Business Analysis Enterprise Edition
  • Selected Pentaho over SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos and Jaspersoft
  • Microsoft Windows Server with SQL Server
  • Integrated with LDAP and Active Directory

Value Added

  • Unlimited growth – Pentaho’s open source platform and impressive capabilities exceed Loma Linda’s needs, while reducing costs.
  • Automation – Centralized, secured, consistent information delivery eliminating significant man hours compared with the previous Excel-based system.
  • Increased collaboration –Pentaho’s ability to provide highly reliable, timely and accessible information has brought more departments and users onto the system.
  • Transparency of data – Better data is creating huge cultural shift as well as increased productivity, improved revenue cycles and fact-based decision making.

Why Pentaho

  • Open standards support and ease of integration
  • Cost of ownership