Customer Use Case

"Thanks to Pentaho, we can offer our BI4HR clients automated reporting on their HR data."

Martin Lehmann, CEO, Lehmann + Partner Informatik AG

Lehmann + Partner Informatik AG

HR Process Management and IT

Business Challenges

  • The BI applications needed to have a web-based user interface, attractive look and feel and extensive visualization capabilities.
  • HR users without deep technical knowledge needed to be self-sufficient in using the reporting and analysis functions.
  • The BI application needed to integrate smoothly with other HR sources such as time-tracking systems.
  • Lehmann + Partner needed to respond to the market demand for simplified reporting and analysis functions on top of its HR software.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Data Integration is used for its ETL tool and dashboards, reporting and analysis for HR users.
  • Pentaho Business Analytics Enterprise Edition is embedded in the new application, BI4HR.

Value Added

  • Flexibility and product extension: Lehmann + Partner can integrate customer feedback into the product on an ongoing basis and continuously extend its functionality
  • Minimal training: The easy-to-use interface, the prepared reports and integrated KPIs have made BI4HR simple to learn.
  • Improved performance: BI4HR users have noticed significant improvements in the responsiveness of BI4HR, thanks to Pentaho Data Integration.
  • Extendable to other HR sources: Data blending from time-tracking and other HR systems help identify trends, such as possible staffing shortages. Self-service reporting: HR employees can easily use BI4HR and share reports with colleagues. Thanks to the visualization, HR data is transformed into information that helps discover departmental variances and demographic trends in order to prevent problems.
  • Lehmann + Partner embedded Pentaho Business Analytics into BI4HR in a short time frame.

Why Pentaho

  • Self-service BI for reporting and analysis
  • Integration not only with Xpert.HRM but also with a broad range of data sources from other HR applications
  • Web-based user interface and attractive visualizations
  • Cloud deployment
  • Attractive pricing