Customer Use Case

"For nearly four years we have been very satisfied and engaged with Pentaho’s rich toolset. Our data teams also contribute back by, for example, providing Amazon S3 components for PDI. We are strongly determined to pursue our relationship with the same intensity in the coming years."

A ÏSSA B ÉLAÏD, Directeur CRM & Data, Leboncoin

Enabling its industry managers to track performance against business KPIs and explore business analytics across multiple departments

Business Challenges

  • To further its growth and continuously improve its online services, leboncoin seeks to consolidate its many diverse internal databases into a single central database as well as simplifying new product analysis and decision-making
  • Integrate the site’s huge daily volume of transactional data in less than 6 hours
  • Give managers tools to analyze and proactively improve how products and services of the platform are performing in general
  • Support users and internal telemarketing in near real-time
  • Provide a single tool for visualizing all business data

Pentaho Solution


  • PDI extracts, transforms and loads diverse business data sources into a centralized, integrated analytical data base available to all teams
  • Thanks to advanced multithreading functionality, PDI enables more than 500 GB of data to be transformed and downloaded every night in less than 5 hours
  • Easily connects to any type of application databases and enables data blending across different business applications (for example, blending web site user and CRM data)


  • Automated processes make it fast and easy to analyse performance of on any new service or product
  • Its intuitive interface enables users to learn Pentaho quickly and easily
  • A rich analytic tool set, including ad hoc OLAP and one-click graphs delivers business analytics for any type of applications

Value Added

  • Routine tasks are simplified and automated, allowing developers to devote their time to designing complex, tailored functionality
  • Industry and product managers can analyse how each product launch performs
  • Operations staff are able to track the performance of services in near real-time

Why Pentaho

  • Flexible open source technology
  • Enterprise-ready and easy-to-use
  • Powerful and scalable data integration
  • Regular and simple-to-deploy updates and patches