Customer Use Case

"Pentaho’s user friendly interface made it easy to lower costs and maximizing profits."

Oliver McKenzie, Managing Director, Kirchhoff Datensysteme Software

Kirchhoff Datensysteme Software

Software development company focused on industry specific solutions

Business Challenges

  • Complexity - Plastic compounding is highly complex and specialized and its profit margins depend on how efficient this process is managed and the volatile prices of energy and raw materials.
  • Flexibility - For its industry-specific reporting and analysis tool, Poly.MIS, KDS needed a flexible platform that enabled it to define relevant analysis scenarios, dashboards and reporting options specific to compounding.
  • Data variety - KDS sought an analytics platform that could load and process data from various specialized IT systems relevant to plastic compounding.
  • User-friendly - The solution needed to be easy for people across the business to use without having to rely on IT support.
  • Integration - KDS wanted to offer Poly.MIS as a stand-alone analytics tool as well as embedding in to its ERP system, Poly.ERP.

Pentaho Solution

  • OEM Partnership with Pentaho
  • Pentaho Data Integration to load and process data from the various plastic compounder systems (ERP, energy management, production planning, quality management, and others)
  • Pentaho Business Analytics using the reporting and analysis tool as the basis for pre-defined industry-specific reporting and analysis

Value Added

  • KDS’ OEM partnership with Pentaho enabled them to optimize their knowledge and skills of the plastic compounding industry while leveraging Pentaho’s software and specialized knowledge of data integration and business analytics.
  • Pentaho Reporting and Pentaho Analyzer enabled Poly.Mis to deliver pre-configured standard reports and analysis scenarios for plastic compounding. Industry speciifc benefits include:
      • Gross profit and contribution margin analyses that take raw material and energy volatility into account and help KDS to optimize costs and profitability
      • Sales process analyses that blend sales data with product and composition data to helps compounders determine material requirements and work more efficiently
      • Support for other industry-specific scenarios including container-oriented inventory and current stock value analysis, receivables and open orders analysis, energy management analysis, and many others
  • Pentaho Data Integration’s visual interface has made the whole ETL process easy to manage. Its open architecture means data from a wide range of proprietary sources were easily integrated
  • Poly.MIS users can easily run a range of specialized reports like gross profit analysis reports, production time/idle time reports and inventory reports, without needed IT support.
  • Poly.MIS is available as a stand-alone tool or embedded into Poly.ERP.

Why Pentaho

  • Flexibility - Easy to adapt reporting and analysis to the industry-specific complex requirements of plastic compounding
  • Support for a broad range of data sources
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ease of integration