Customer Use Case

"We were able to cut our implementation time to half of what was required for other solutions. "

Matt Good, Managing Director of Software Architecture, Kingland Systems

Kingland Systems

Kingland is a data management platform and services provider for financial services, auditing and insurance companies.

Business Challenges

  • Financial Services companies are challenged on how they store, analyze and manage the quality of their data, in order to stay compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • Most customers have multiple systems with different data formats that require extensive manual loading and parsing of data by Kingland whenever customers wanted to conduct analysis.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho’s solution helps financial services organizations better understand their relationships with customers, subsidiaries and legal entities – with a major focus on risk mitigation
  • Pentaho empowers Kingland to analyze any data quality issues, while also allowing the end user’s data analysts to easily create their own reports and dashboards to present and analyze the cleansed, blended data

Value Added

  • Kingland was able to cut their data analytics and integration implementation time in half
  • By leveraging Pentaho’s metadata injection feature to intelligently generate transformations on the fly, Kingland accelerates the onboarding of different data sources into their platform
  • The team spends less time wrestling with technical challenges and more time analyzing customer data

Why Pentaho

  • Pentaho’s open source roots made integration with Kingland’s platform seamless
  • Small software footprint made rolling out Pentaho quick and easy
  • World-class customer service and support had Kingland trained and running its Pentaho integration in little time
  • Flexible data integration and UI framework to execute and deliver data quality reports