Customer Use Case

"Data should be useful and evolve over time without people constantly having to go back to an IT or analytics team."

Lige Hensley, Chief Technology Officer, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

The largest singly accredited community college in the country, with nearly 175,000 students each year.

Business Challenges

  • Ivy Tech is a sprawling network of nearly 120 campuses and satellite locations spanning the state of Indiana. They generate a lot of data – about 100 million new records per day.
  • Employees would have to log into 40 or 50 systems to access data. From there they would have to use Excel to blend the data together in order to attempt to understand how their students were doing.
  • Only 225 people of their approximately 8,000 users were authorized to build reports. As a result, those reports based on outdated information often took hours to run. Frustrated administrators were forced to rely on gut instinct to make too many decisions.

Value Added

  • Ivy Tech is using self-service analytics to bust bottlenecks and get information into the hands of the people who need it
  • Their 12 analytics experts trained more than 3,000 people on Pentaho — about one third of the college’s total workforce — in just one six-month period
  • Uncovered 2,800 certificates and degrees that students had earned but didn’t know about. Because the college receives funding from the state for each student who graduates, those unclaimed credentials added up to $5.6 million in funding, which more than paid for the entire analytics project.
  • In 2016, the College reduced the number of students posting D and F grades by 3.3%, or more than 3,100 students, from the previous fall term. It was the largest single-year decline in that metric that the college had ever recorded.

Why Pentaho

  • Pentaho combined data integration and analytics with a self-service approach that meshed well with the institution’s needs.
  • Open source-based platform with a web-based user interface that could be embedded into their existing applications
  • Pentaho provided both the flexibility and functionality required to support thousands of users