Customer Use Case

"Our Chambers of Commerce can now be self-sufficient with analysis and reporting. "

Valter Pelosin, Project Manger, InfoCamere


IT Consortium of the Italian Chambers of Commerce

Business Challenges

  • InfoCamere built its original BI applications with proprietary software but wanted to evaluate a more modern, open source alternative.
  • The organization wanted a clear vision of the state of economy within the regions, enabling better local support during times of crisis and opportunity.
  • They needed access to consistent data across 103 Chambers of Commerce to help forecast economic trends at the local and regional level.

Pentaho Solution

  • InfoCamere migrated its proprietary business intelligence platform to Pentaho Business Analytics Enterprise Edition.
  • Pentaho runs on open source systems Red Hat Linux, JBoss Clustering and MySQL Database.
  • InfoCamere worked with local Pentaho Platinum Partner, BNOVA.

Value Added

  • Confidence in Pentaho’s ability to manage massive data sets – Being able to easily access and analyze over 500GB of data from the past 10 years enables the Chambers to prepare adequately for both growth and downturn scenarios.
  • Supporting local business communities efficiently and appropriately – Each Chamber of Commerce can run reports on operational data whenever needed.
  • Creation of self-service environment – There are more than 500 users within the Chambers of Commerce who use Pentaho for reporting and analysis. The business users value above all the ease-of-use and speed whereas the IT department values the support, technology, scalability, integration and OLAP.

Why Pentaho

  • Integration capabilities
  • Ease of use (interface)
  • Speed
  • Ad hoc reporting and OLAP capabilities