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Ideeli needs to analyze our massive Web log data sets in the context of the rich data available in our relational transaction systems. Ideeli chose Pentaho for Hadoop because the built-in Hadoop, HBase and Map/ReduceElastic functionality makes it possible to combine these sources to see the true picture of our business.

Paul Zanis Director of Data Services, Ideeli

Use Case Overview

Business Challenges

  • Ideeli wished to optimize its web site and email layouts in a manner that supports customer preferences.
  • The company also needed to track which campaigns are most successful and make interpretations about the nature of their success.
  • Ideeli needed sophisticated, multi-channel mobile analytics and BI to help measure and improve business outcomes for clients.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Business Analytics provides reporting, analysis and dashboard capabilities, enabling end-users to track key metrics about their business and marketing efforts.
  • Pentaho Data Integration is used to create blended views of information across Hadoop, data warehouses and OLTP sources.

Value Added

  • More rapid analysis against Hadoop data vs. latency of Hive (seconds vs. minutes).
  • Analysis of massive Web log click stream data sets against campaign data from email and social media promotions to deliver improved marketing capaigns.
  • Company now better understands the buying power and buying patterns of millions of members.
  • Lowered technical barriers by providing an intuitive ETL environment for designing MapReduce jobs without having to write code.

Why Pentaho

  • More efficient data analysis with native Hadoop integration capability
  • An ETL tool that creates blended views of information across Hadoop, data warehouses, and OLTP sources