Customer Use Case

"It was important to our customers that reports looked professional and polished."

Justin Bowser, Managing Director, HTK


Leading Provider of Cloud Software for Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Management.

Business Challenges

  • HTK traditionally has a strong foothold in large enterprise and the public sector, but in a UK market where 99 percent of businesses are small and medium-sized, HTK wanted to sell its CRM application and infrastructure to smaller organizations.
  • They knew that marketing professionals who buy SaaS applications have very high expectations for usability: they need to be self-sufficient, return fast queries and easily create ad-hoc reports.

Pentaho Solution

  • After weighing options to build an application internally or use a third-party system, HTK selected Pentaho Business Analytics for its modern, embeddable software platform.
  • The company worked with Pentaho’s European Professional Services group and Portugal-based system integrator Xpand IT to fully integrate Pentaho Business Analytics into HTK’s Horizon CRM application.
  • Development was planned and executed using a 100 percent agile approach.

Value Added

  • Ability for HTK to migrate customer data in near real-time into its data warehouse.
  • Attractive 3D charts that render on an iPad which offers critical on-the-go analytical power for marketing professionals.
  • The new online applications are the foundation of a new line of business to serve the UK’s high-potential SMB market.
  • Pentaho enabled HTK to deliver integrated reports for two versions of its SaaS software in five weeks.
  • Flexible dashboards allow marketing professionals to slice, dice and present their multi-channel data according to specific campaign requirements.

Why Pentaho

  • Practical, embeddable and comprehensive software platform
  • Ability to quickly analyze large volumes of historical data
  • Cost and development advantages thanks to the Commercial Open Source Software (COSS) licensing model
  • Flexible, customizable reporting with highly professional, attractive designs out-of-the-box
  • Extract / Transfer / Load (ETL) capabilities to migrate customer data into the HTK data warehouse


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