Customer Use Case

"Pentaho’s platform provided end-to-end capabilities that brought embedded analytics into our product, streamlined our internal operations, and allowed our customers to make better data-driven decisions."

Michael Beamer, President, goTransverse


goTransverse powers intelligent billing for smart business. goTransverse’s cloud-based agile monetization and billing platform, TRACT®, supports the monetization of any combination of one-time, subscription, and usage-based offerings with near real-time metering, rating, billing and native revenue recognition.

Business Challenges

  • goTransverse’s TRACT® cloud-based agile monetization and billing platform needs to capture all relevant usage and revenue data without the support of IT
  • Empower their customers with the analytics they need in a timely fashion so they can start showing ROI
  • Future-proofing their business model as their success depends on the ability to monetize anything that can be measured
  • Employees were not able to access valuable information as it was only available to a limited number of employees

Pentaho Solution

  • Data access and reliability were limiting productive operations
  • Customers were logging an increasing number of support tickets for reporting and analytics, which was consuming valuable company resources
  • Managing billions of transactions processed monthly
  • Reports were manually created and sourced from their legacy system which created a backlog of requests as analytics could not be delivered fast enough

Value Added

  • By leveraging Pentaho for data integration and embedded analytics, goTransverse has experienced improved reporting performance, increased adoption, and data consistency and accuracy, which was critical for making their billing application successful.
  • Internal adoption increased by 300%
  • Customer support tickets on reporting down 17%
  • Dashboard rendering within TRACT is 8-10x faster than previous solution

Why Pentaho

  • Data integration capabilities sped up data preparation time
  • Open, embeddable analytics fit with existing architecture and security standards
  • Ability to provide a seamless experience to their customers