Customer Use Case

"Pentaho allows Fundación Telefónica to more efficiently eradicate child labor injustices."

Matias Figueroa, Program Coordinator, Fundación Telefónica

Fundación Telefónica

Social action program that aims to eradicate child labor in Latin America

Business Challenges

  • Since its inception in 2004, Fundación Telefónica grew rapidly in terms of the number of children, schools and NGOs participating in the program. With this growth, the old analytics tools reached their limits, making it almost impossible to track the progress of each child or evaluate success measures.
  • Their application, Proniño needed an analytics architecture that could support more than 400 social workers in 13 countries who had little enterprise software experience; many were also resistant to technological change.
  • Proniño would also need to track multiple data points about each child in the program, such as activities completed with schools, families, communities and NGOs.

Pentaho Solution

  • To help Proniño achieve its objectives, the Accenture Foundation recommended Pentaho Business Analytics.
  • Proniño uses the data access and integration, discovery, analysis and visualization capabilities in Pentaho Business Analytics Enterprise Edition.
  • Fundación Telefónica worked with a local Pentaho Partner to provide a high level of local language support and helps them bring the installation to the next level.

Value Added

  • Consistent global data exchange - With the ability to exchange information and experience across the 13 countries, social workers have a more complete view of the program and the child labor issues beyond their locales.
  • End-user satisfaction - During workshops with social workers, Fundación Telefónica reported enthusiastic feedback when working with Pentaho.
  • Continuous program improvement - With Pentaho, Fundación Telefónica can now show the program’s progress against goals, measure its effectiveness and make course-corrections to improve the quality of social intervention on an ongoing basis.
  • Uncovering opportunities - With Pentaho Business Analytics, social workers have the opportunity to explore and visualize data in real time, allowing them to better understand the contexts in which child labor arises, discover new and unknown challenges and take corrective measures that are better adapted to real situations.

Why Pentaho

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • End-to-end BI capabilities
  • Cost efficiency