There was a gap in the market until now and people like myself were piecing together solutions to help with the data preparation, cleansing and orchestration of analytic data sets. Pentaho Data Integration is critical to my team. Using Weka with PDI, we are now helping clients blend a 360-degree view of all equipment data sources to enable early prediction of potential machinery failure.
Ken Krooner President, ESRG

Use Case Overview

Business Challenges

  • Provide remote and onboard analytics for different maritime fleets and ships
  • Embed business intelligence into proprietary applications to allow end-users to drill into their data
  • Develop easy-to-use ETL capabilities with predictive and scalable features and functionality

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Data Integration to extract, transform and load machine data from a variety of different maritime vessels
  • Embedded Pentaho Business Analytics to provide dashboards and analysis for end users
  • Pentaho Business Intelligence tools, specifically interactive reporting to govern data and drill into metrics
  • Weka predictive plug-in to model out different usage patterns and habits

Value Added

  • Significant time and cost savings for end-users who could not develop dashboarding capabilities on their own
  • Managed ETL improving security and job oversight to ensure data quality and integrity
  • Integrated predictive capabilities into OEM solution in a few weeks

Why Pentaho

  • Enterprise support, service and training that expedite go-to-market
  • Embeddable solution that can be deployed on premise or as SaaS
  • Scalability and cutting-edge technology that enable greater data driven insights