Customer Use Case

"Pentaho has created a cultural shift: We rely on data, not anecdotes, to drive the business."

John Sheffield, Director of Software Development, Delta Dental of Virginia

Delta Dental of Virginia

Leading dental insurance provider in VA

Business Challenges

  • Delta Dental of Virginia (DDVA) wanted an open source, business intelligence and analytics tool to replace a proprietary tool that had not met the company's needs.
  • The company needed a business analytics application that was quick to implement and could integrate with the company's various customer-facing programs and internal business applications.

Pentaho Solution

  • Read the full case study under Related Media on this page to learn more about how Delta Dental of Virginia uses the data access and integration, analysis and visualization capabilities of Pentaho Business Analytics.
  • Licensed Pentaho Business Analytics Enterprise Edition to take advantage of Pentaho support services.
  • DDVA had Pentaho Support Services on site to help explain to business users how to use Pentaho and the programs that Sheffield's team developed for them.

Value Added

  • Competitive advantage - Great customer service and software systems help the company compete and win against other, often larger, carriers.
  • Proliferated success companywide - The system containing Pentaho Business Analytics has become so successful that other Delta Dental member companies either license the software or access it through SaaS.
  • Data-driven company - Pentaho has precipitated a cultural shift at DDVA towards a knowledge worker paradigm. More than 35,000 agents are using Pentaho and relying on data, not anecdotes, to drive the business.

Why Pentaho

  • High value -Pentaho has helped DDVA meet its goals in a short period of time.
  • Learn more about why Delta Dental chose Pentaho. Read the case study located under Related Media.
  • Easy to use - Pentaho provides business users with a tool that they can use without assistance to mine data.
  • Cost reductions - Pentaho has been significantly less expensive for DDVA to deploy over other commercial solutions.
  • Easy to integrate - As a development platform, Pentaho has been relatively easy to integrate into both the DDVA claims processing system and Web software. Pentaho has a reliable API and SDK.