Customer Use Case

"Pentaho’s Data Integration has become the glue that holds our data ecosystems together."

Bill Robertson, CIO, De Bortoli Wines

De Bortoli Wines

Investing and growing an analytics solution from open-source roots to deliver blended BI insights

Business Challenges

  • IT burden and overhead costs reduced by developing an optimizing data warehouse
  • Better insight to customers gained by meshing disparate data sources
  • End user tools provided - all accessible via a web browser
  • Tools provided to move large volumes of data and for integrating data between disconnected systems

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Data Integration used to extract, transform and load data from various operational, financial, and sales databases
  • Pentaho OLAP Analytics, Business Reporting and Ad Hoc Report Writer employed to provide cross departmental Analytics and reporting for business users (all accessible on both Linux and Windows clients via web browsers)
  • Pentaho partner BizCubed provide training, services and consulting to enable effective use of Pentaho

Value Added

  • BizCubed’s training services the key to building the core skills
  • BizCubed’s consulting services allow Pentaho’s capabilities to be utilized
  • BizCubed’s support services allow Pentaho to be safely relied upon as part of core infrastructure
  • The ease of use of Pentaho’s BI capabilities promote a self-service analytics culture
  • Blending disparate data sources with Pentaho allows greater understanding of customers and markets

Why Pentaho

  • Safe, long-term products and expert services
  • Competitive advantage through increased capabilities with a low cost of ownership
  • Flexible and scalable product that can bring in new data sources
  • Open source community support and development