Customer Use Case

"Pentaho brings disparate logistic data from many sources together. This is a breakthrough!"

Pieter Kinds, COO, ControlPay


Europe’s largest freight and audit provider

Business Challenges

  • ControlPay sought to normalize and aggregate many different data sources across customers’ business units and present it in a single report.
  • ControlPay customers are very concerned with reducing costs
  • Seventy five percent of shippers do not have clear data on their operations.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Business Analytics Enterprise Edition (using Pentaho Data Integration, Analytics, Dashboards, Reporting).
  • Pentaho is embedded into the ControlPay BI User Console, a web-based application for its customers to access reports, analysis views and dashboards.
  • The console integrates many different data sources, from proprietary transport management systems to Excel spreadsheet data.

Value Added

  • Customer loyalty has increased significantly. For example, ControlPay has strengthened its relationship with one of its largest customers due to ControlPay’s ability to harmonize disparate data sources, report on this data and roll out to logistics managers globally.
  • Customers have been able to save money and make more profitable decisions by exposing previously hidden transportation costs.
  • The new system delivers competitive advantage by being able to promise greater cost savings, efficiency and data visibility to ControlPay’s customers. Since the beginning of 2011, ControlPay has been Europe’s largest freight audit provider.

Why Pentaho

  • Flexibility, control and TCO associated with commercial open source model
  • Offers the best data mapping services leading to normalized, reliable and centralized data
  • Powerful analytics platform