Customer Use Case

"Pentaho supported our efforts to deliver Athena BI on spec, on time and on budget."

Sven Meermans, Business Development Manager, Cipal


Information and communications technology (ICT) provider

Business Challenges

  • New government legislation in Belgium was enacted requiring municipalities to publicly declare policy objectives and meet KPIs by 2014.
  • The new legislation for planning and reporting transparency represented a major operational and cultural change for local municipalities in Belgium.
  • The Government enlisted Cipal to develop and pilot a BI application similar in functionality to leading commercial apps for social welfare organizations.
  • Cipal sought a BI application it could tailor and re-brand "Athena," named after the Greek goddess of wisdom.

Pentaho Solution

  • Following an exhaustive review of traditional and open source BI vendors, Cipal chose Pentaho BI Enterprise Edition to embed in the Athena BI product.
  • Cipal hosts Pentaho BI on a cluster of virtual machines (Redhat Linux and zLinux).
  • Cipal is deploying the full range of Pentaho BI capabilities including data integration, reporting, dashboards and analysis.
  • Cipal's long term plans include adding Pentaho BI's data mining capability for profiling customers who use municipal services in order to plan more efficiently and improve the experience.
  • Learn more about why Cipal decided to embed Pentaho BI in the full case study located under Related Media on this page.

Value Added

  • Knowledge transfer - Cipal is collaborating with Pentaho partner, BiSmart, to offer end user training on Athena BI.
  • Rapid time-to-value - The Athena implementation was completed and deployed within budget to four social welfare associations in just four months, including extensive testing and workshops with end users.
  • Power to the user - HR managers are now empowered to create, customize and analyze reports on their own time without reliance on IT.
  • A step towards change - After the success of the pilot project with human resources data, Athena BI will now be used in additional social welfare associations, municipalities, and provinces. This is a major step forward in the right direction to provide long-term significant value to the Belgium government.

Why Pentaho

  • Open Source technology
  • Wide range of fully integrated modules
  • Highly competitive total cost of ownership
  • Flexible infrastructure