Customer Use Case

"We now deliver sophisticated views of operational data to support planning decisions. "

Nicola Bertazzoni, Higher Education External Relations, Cineca


Non-profit university consortium and Italy’s largest high-performance computing center

Business Challenges

  • Cineca wanted a sustainable and easier to manage system. It was maintaining 80 BI applications from several different proprietary platforms. The organization needed 30 universities to agree on a new BI system.
  • The internal BI research lab started a software selection to determine the best open source platform and evaluated Jaspersoft, Pentaho and Talend.
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Pentaho Solution

  • Cineca’s U-GOV Planning and Controlling system embedded the data access and integration, discovery, analysis and visualization capabilities of Pentaho Business Analytics Enterprise Edition.
  • Cineca runs Pentaho in the following environment: Linux for OS; Apache for Web server; J2EE Container (Tomcat/JBOSS); Oracle RDBMS for database (32-bit and 64-bit with cluster supported).
  • Pentaho OEM Partnership is providing better integration of business intelligence and analytics into U-GOV, enhancing the critical and complex information delivery process for the universities.

Value Added

  • Happy end users – The combined Pentaho and U-GOV planning and controlling solutions work exactly as promised to end users and the feedback has been so positive that Cineca plans to offer it outside of Italy.
  • Better user experience - Pentaho’s open source architecture enabled Cineca to develop a more friendly integration for U-GOV’s user authentication and authorization features.
  • High-level reporting – Cineca plans to use Pentaho Business Analytics not only for operational reporting, but also for “high level” analysis for administration managers and university leadership.
  • Seamless integration – Because Pentaho and U-GOV’s modules are both developed in Java, the integration is seamless.

Why Pentaho

  • Centralized product management of all BI solutions
  • Service support
  • Coverage of the whole BI life-cycle
  • User functionality
  • Cost of solution
  • OLAP capabilities
  • Integration capabilities
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Meta-data management


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