Customer Use Case

"Weka and R with PDI, helps clients blend a 360° view of equipment to predict machinery failure."

Ken Krooner, President of ESRG (CAT® Marine Asset Intelligence), Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence

Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence

Leading-edge maritime data analysis and remote monitoring technology

Business Challenges

  • Provide remote and onboard analytics for different maritime fleets and ships
  • Embed business intelligence into proprietary applications to allow end-users to drill into their data
  • Develop easy-to-use ETL capabilities with predictive and scalable features and functionality

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Data Integration to extract, transform and load machine data from a variety of different maritime vessels
  • Embedded Pentaho Business Analytics to provide dashboards and analysis for end users
  • Pentaho Business Intelligence tools, specifically interactive reporting to govern data and drill into metrics
  • Weka predictive plug-in to model out different usage patterns and habits

Value Added

  • Significant time and cost savings for end-users who could not develop dashboarding capabilities on their own
  • Managed ETL improving security and job oversight to ensure data quality and integrity
  • Integrated predictive capabilities into OEM solution in a few weeks

Why Pentaho

  • Enterprise support, service and training that expedite go-to-market
  • Embeddable solution that can be deployed on premise or as SaaS
  • Scalability and cutting-edge technology that enable greater data driven insights


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