Customer Use Case

"We discovered an awesome product and unleashed its full potential across our business."

Gary Williams, CIO, Careflight


Using data-driven insights to save lives

Business Challenges

  • Integrate data from external (flight) and internal Medical data bases to create a dynamic Data Warehouse at low cost
  • Promote self-service BI culture to improve operations which allowed users to explore data relationships
  • Fulfill reporting obligations to the NT Government on the delivery of the rescue service

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Data Integration to extract data from flight transports and patient care
  • Pentaho Business Analytics provides self-service reporting on KPIs
  • Ability to bring product to the market in only six weeks

Value Added

  • Improved engagement with key stakeholders
  • Improved Data Warehouse and plans to further scale and integrate new data
  • Continuous innovation in the health informatics space

Why Pentaho

  • Low total cost of ownership and open source development model
  • Provide internal and end-users with data driven insights to lower cost and drive revenue
  • Ability to maintain patient privacy, even in a transparent real-time reporting environment