Customer Use Case

"PDI is probably one of the most powerful tools within modern computing I've seen in my career."

Sasha Korniak, Strategic IT Decision Maker & Head of ISO 9001, Bywaters


One of the largest recycling companies in London (UK)

Business Challenges

  • Change itself and inspire its customers to make data-driven decisions with real-time access to data
  • Integrate large amounts of disparate data from proprietary systems and other operational systems
  • Use smart tracking particles comprised of Smart Dust to track the location of recycling materials to assure that waste is being disposed in line with corporate social responsibility commitments

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho partner Linalis delivered installation and configuration services
  • Pentaho Business Analytics builds three types of reports and dashboards from the data warehouse. Each is customized to the specific technical skills and reporting needs of the user
  • Pentaho Data Integration is used to extract, integrate and analyze data and then load that data into a single, optimized data warehouse

Value Added

  • Pentaho is helping the company move to a data-driven culture where customers can request pre-defined reports on environmental performance including weights, rates, carbon dioxide usage and compliance
  • Created an interactive embedded application, B.R.A.D. powered by analytics that both improved cost savings for customers, as well as generated revenue for Bywaters when brought to market
  • Future-proofed analytics solution that has proven out the ability to analyze semi-structured, as well as relational data

Why Pentaho

  • Reports and dashboards that meet a wide spectrum of end user needs and skills without overlooking critical IT requirements for data governance and integration
  • 100% usable functionality that won't become 'shelfware’
  • Modern, flexible platform built on open standards that will support future technology and data integration
  • Pentaho Data Integration supports Bywaters' needs for data validation, cleansing and integration
  • Improved, modern enterprise data warehouse , providing proof of concept for integrating big data sources