Customer Use Case

"Pentaho convinced us through its focus on high-end Business Analytics solutions. Because of its competence in open source and its experience with complex enterprise projects, Pentaho’s partner it-novum was perfect for us."

Marcus Schablack, It Development Manager, BOS


International automotive parts manufacturer and distributor

Business Challenges

  • BOS sought a unified solution for standardized reporting and visualization that was easy to integrate into the IT infrastructures at its different facilities. The company also needed the ability to centrally analyze and process data with minimal programming effort.
  • BOS was closing production facilities on three continents but did not have a unified solution for project and supplier management during this process. Each production facility exported data from its applications to an Excel file, and then sent the files to the German headquarters for consolidation

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho partner it-novum used Pentaho Data Integration and Pentaho Business Analytics to build a central management and reporting platform with three components.
  • A central evaluation and reporting component provides evaluations of BOS’ suppliers. From the aggregated data, ratings are automatically generated that support the purchasing decision-making process.
  • A ‘project-cockpit’ component gives a central view of all project data resulting from the entire BOS product range.
  • An ‘operation-cockpit’ component aggregates about 30 KPIs from BOS’ facilities. German headquarters uses the data for analysis and reporting on the status of its global production facilities.

Value Added

  • Data Integration: Pentaho’s open architecture enables BOS to easily integrate a wide range of data into the BOS-Infrastructure and connect to third party applications.
  • Operational management: The operation-cockpit enables the German headquarters to see at a glance the most important global production facility KPIs. Easy access to global supplier evaluation data makes the purchase process more efficient and reliable.
  • Ease of use: Reports and dashboards are now created easily and automatically.
  • Fast and flexible reporting: The new BI platform enables BOS to quickly process and analyze data and provides custom outputs for reports or diagrams that go beyond the standard management reports.

Why Pentaho

  • Integration: Pentaho’s open and extensible platform would deliver simple data integration with existing IT infrastructure and third-party applications.
  • Partner know-how: Pentaho enterprise partner it-novum could showcase its experience of implementing Pentaho for many small and large companies. The partner was also chosen for its expertise in a broad portfolio of complementary open source and enterprise applications beyond business intelligence and business analytics.