Customer Use Case

"Pentaho Data Integration allows us to manage and blend data generated by our two main operational and planning software suites to give our airport customers a 360-degree passenger view."

Bert Dijk , Product Manager, BEONTRA - a Leidos Company

BEONTRA - a Leidos Company

Integrated traffic, capacity and revenue planning software for airports

Business Challenges

  • BEONTRA provides integrated planning and demand forecasting tools for the aviation sector. In 2014 it was acquired by global security and aerospace giant Lockheed Martin; the acquisition meant that BEONTRA needed to integrate data from its own forecasting and planning suite with Lockheed Martin’s Chroma airport operating system. This would give BEONTRA’s airport clients better, more powerful reporting and dashboarding across all product lines. Today, both BEONTRA and Chroma are part of Leidos and the integration is a massive differentiator in the market. 
  • The solution needed to support a variety of data types including big data or web services data and feed these into the HP Vertica analytic database.
  • The solution further required reporting that was easy to embed into existing forecasting and planning module workflow. Non-technical business analysts, retailers, financial managers and various other stakeholders expected an easy-to-use user interface. BEONTRA’s developers needed to be able to easily modify the code to meet specific needs.
  • With 80 percent of BEONTRA’s customers running in the cloud, flexible multi-tenant capabilities were essential.

Pentaho Solution

  • PDI captures, integrates and blends the various data types generated by airports systems including real-time passenger and massive amount of various passengers tracking sensor data (Wi-Fi, beacons, cameras), preparing it for ingestion into the Oracle EDW and analysis by HP Vertica.
  • Pentaho Business Analytics is embedded within the BEONTRA Scenario Planning platform. This is branded as “B Analytics” and enables airport users to gain insights into blended datasets gain a 360-degree view of the passengers.
  • Custom dashboards are developed in-house with extensions of the Pentaho products.
  • Pentaho Professional Services included prototyping, an architecture workshop, multi-tenancy set-up and training.

Pentaho in Action for Beontra

Value Added

  • “B Analytics” flexible, scalable business intelligence and reporting solution gives airport customers a 360-degree view of its passengers drawing on blended BEONTRA, Leidos Chroma and external data sources.
  • Custom dashboards along with third-party visualizations offer customers very user friendly interfaces and self-service reporting.
  • The first airport customers are using “B Analytics” to visualize the data from BEONTRA’s B Operational module (real-time traffic forecasting) and its B Non Aviation planning module (relates passenger traffic numbers to retail revenues and spending patterns).
  • In future BEONTRA plans a data lake approach where Hadoop will underpin HP Vertica and Pentaho will provide data integration on the backend. This will become necessary when BEONTRA further continues the integration with sensor / measurement data. 

Why Pentaho

  • Highly customized dashboards and reporting capabilities
  • Ability to customize code to specific needs
  • Excellent cloud support and multi-tenancy set-up
  • Supports third party visualization plugins
  • Supports a broad range of data sources and storages, including Hadoop and HP Vertica