Customer Use Case

"We rolled out on-demand reporting and slashed reporting time from 2 hours to 15 minutes."

Toon Martens, CIO, Aviapartner


Leading European providers of ground handling services

Business Challenges

  • Running six different proprietary operational systems to manage different aspects of ground handling meant no consistent reporting processes
  • The need to have a metadata structure to apply across all Aviapartner sites and applications to support future data integration

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Business Analytics Reporting
  • Proprietary systems integrated: Rimses (vehicle management system); SP-EXPERT (Personnel Management System); SER Doxis (scanning and OCR system) and Hermes (cargo tracking system)
  • Data sources: Oracle, SQL Server and DB2

Value Added

  • On-demand reporting now available on Rimses, SP-EXPERT, SER Doxis
  • Reporting time slashed from maximum two hours to 15 minutes

Why Pentaho

  • Low TCO associated with commercial open source model
  • Proven ability to reduce and simplify end user reporting
  • Ability to construct Metadata model to connect to operational data