About This Customer

Leading European providers of ground handling services



"Before Pentaho our reporting was a very laborious process that required our people to gather information manually from different specialized systems, taking up to two hours to run each report. We rolled out on-demand reporting to our business users and the results with our vehicle management and personnel systems show reporting time slashed to 15 minutes”.
Toon Martens CIO, Aviapartner

Use Case Overview

Business Challenges

  • Running six different proprietary operational systems to manage different aspects of ground handling meant no consistent reporting processes
  • The need to have a metadata structure to apply across all Aviapartner sites and applications to support future data integration

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Business Analytics Reporting
  • Proprietary systems integrated: Rimses (vehicle management system); SP-EXPERT (Personnel Management System); SER Doxis (scanning and OCR system) and Hermes (cargo tracking system)
  • Data sources: Oracle, SQL Server and DB2

Value Added

  • On-demand reporting now available on Rimses, SP-EXPERT, SER Doxis
  • Reporting time slashed from maximum two hours to 15 minutes

Why Pentaho

  • Low TCO associated with commercial open source model
  • Proven ability to reduce and simplify end user reporting
  • Ability to construct Metadata model to connect to operational data