Customer Use Case

"Our data handling issues disappeared. I no longer worry about the system on nights or weekends."

Morten Hastrup, CTO, Atchik


Wireless chat, games and ecommerce software provider

Business Challenges

  • Atchik's underlying data architecture hadn't kept pace with their growth
  • Data silos made system operation and maintenance very difficult
  • Reporting and gleaning insights from several relational and big data sources was very time consuming, creating the need to invest in a new central data warehouse and new analytics system
  • The long list of criteria for Atchik’s new solution included:
      • Ability to integrate various data sources o Ability to cope with high data volumes
      • Ability to separate the data used for reporting from data extracted for other processes
      • Allow third parties access to reports via plugins and other frontends o Ability to play well in an AWS cloud environment
      • Preferably an open source solution with a strong community

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) as centralized Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tool offering a single version of truth for different data sources including PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, MongoDB and AWS S3 Data Store
  • Pentaho Business Analytics for self-service and static reporting/ dashboards and for user behavior analysis
  • Pentaho Professional Services were offered through Pentaho’s partner provided the architecture definition (both on premise and cloud infrastructure), delivered a first working version of the system, provided on-site training as well as remote assistance during the first year

Value Added

  • Together with, Atchik completed the initial deployment in three months. In the next six months they built additional components, adapted the working processes to the new system and trained people to use it
  • Pentaho improved opperational efficiency and helped remove errors resulting from the data silos
  • Atchik is now able to process around five million user activities (records) daily with Pentaho, resulting in about 174 million user transactions (records) every month
  • Pentaho’s simple and consistent workflow now allows Atchik to offer its customers static reporting or self-service reporting in the cloud, without burdening the IT department. This has enabled the company to add reporting as standard into its new products
  • The company can now show and calculate the return rates of its customer marketing campaigns and use this information for targeted cross-sale activities
  • Atchik can now also find the users in the mobile communities that they need to engage more

Why Pentaho

  • Integration with multiple data sources, including cloud
  • Open architecture and variety of plugins
  • Handling high data volume
  • Sophisticated ETL capabilities
  • Self-service reporting via cloud