Customer Use Case

"We now display real-time data in powerful dashboards and even optimized for mobile. "

Julie Peppers, Project Manager, AMT


Online business intelligence tool delivering knowledge, enablinginformed decision-making and increased productivity

Business Challenges

  • Replace costly “per-seat” licensed analytics software to reduce costs
  • Embed analytics solution to provide specialized dashboards to end-users
  • Provide near real-time access to data, with rapid query turn-around time
  • Accomplish long-term business goals, such as mobile compatibility, member adoption, wider rollout, trade show lead retrieval, and better visualizations

Pentaho Solution

  • Utilize Pentaho Data Integration for flat-files and web-servers hosting industry data
  • Embed Pentaho Business Analytics into custom dashboards and applications to provide targeted analytics
  • Work with Pentaho Services & Consulting to aid with mobile extensibility and programming

Value Added

  • Member utilization of intuitive applications to analyze industry metrics and optimize their business processes
  • Reduced query time and integrate new data sources to optimize MTInsight’s data warehouse
  • Improved end-user comfort and understanding of the power of analytics

Why Pentaho

  • Scalable solution that can grow with analytics needs and new technology
  • Low total cost of ownership with high functionality
  • Services and support that ensure underlying analytics will run smoothly when embedded
  • Large community support for development and innovation

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