Customer Use Case

"Pentaho’s flexible and scalable platform easily meets the needs of IT and business users."

Teh Kim Leng , CTO, American International Assurance

American International Assurance

Provide customers with financial protection, security, and a comfortable future with the power of analytics

Business Challenges

  • Develop dashboarding capabilities for 17,000 non-technical end-users
  • Optimize analytics for mobile and tablet
  • Optimize datawarehouse, without significant IT downtime

Pentaho Solution

  • Penatho Data Integration to connect thousands of different data points about insurance policies, opperations and sales
  • Embedded Pentaho Business Analytics to provide dashboards, as well as reports
  • Deployment assurance and service expertise from Pentaho partner GreyMatter Solutions

Value Added

  • Non-technical users can now query millions of records in less than 10 seconds
  • Business users have new data driven insights about key performance metrics
  • GreyMatter Solutions optomized and delivered their embdedded solution in less than 8 weeks

Why Pentaho

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Scalable solution with rapid go-to-market
  • Superior, enterprsie class services from worldwide partners