Customer Use Case

"Pentaho allows usto visually integrate, manipulate and enrich data."

Adam Dunstan, President, Active Broadband Networks

Active Broadband Networks

Supplier of next-generation operational support systems for broadband providers

Business Challenges

  • Active Broadband is a software company that enables broadband providers to deploy usage-based service management solutions. Broadband providers need easy access to customer usage data for reporting and analytics. Network operations personnel, for example, run reports for network performance monitoring to understand when and where the network experienced congestion. Network engineers and product managers analyze the data for capacity and service planning, such as reviewing  (how subscriber usage segments into usage tiers.
  • A traditional relational database is not well-suited to storing this much data as it takes too long to write it to storage and access it when performing analytics.
  • Even using a specialized compression algorithm to reduce the size of usage records by a factor of 12:1, the system can easily accumulate 50-100 terabytes of network and subscriber usage data.
  • In networks with millions of subscribers the Active Resource Manager needs to store up to billions of usage records that must be retained for up to a year.
  • The company’s network BI tool, Active Resource Manager, collects, processes and stores terabytes of network, service and subscriber usage data using streaming data protocols such as IPDR, RADIUS accounting and IPFIX/NetFlow.

Pentaho Solution

  • Pentaho Business Analytics was bundled with the ActiveBroadband Dynamic Broadband Service Manager customer product because of Pentaho’s native integration with Cassandra and integrated platform providing reporting, analytics, dashboards and data integration.
  • Cassandra was selected as the database to collect, process and store terabytes of network and subscriber usage data.

Value Added

  • Network operators no longer need specialized IT personnel or to spend days or weeks hand-coding reports.
  • It’s now easy for network operators to modify these reports and to create their own reports in Pentaho’s intuitive, visual design environment.
  • Active Broadband provides it network operator customers with a set of pre-built reports that are bundled with the Dynamic Broadband Service Manager product.

Why Pentaho

  • Intuitive and powerful report designer
  • Ease of use
  • Integrated data integration and business analytics platform
  • Native integration with Cassandra
  • Customized OEM and big data support and services